In today’s busy world, no-one has time to waste – and securing an appointment with the right person who has the authority to make a decision is vital.

Waterfront Marketing Services can make that happen.

We will establish your goals and objectives, discuss what your expectations are, and identify your target market.

The next stage is to draw up an administration process of qualifying, booking and informing you of the appointments we secure, and you will receive daily updates on our progress.

At the end of the campaign, you will receive a full project management report giving you a complete breakdown of all the calls we make and the strike rates.

Specialist bespoke telemarketing

Without customers your company cannot survive - telemarketing is an effective, results-driven way of generating sales opportunities, and maximising returns from new and existing customers.

Waterfront Marketing Services will provide quality leads with people interested in your products, to help improve your sales team’s results.

We will also collate invaluable data about potential customers – including who the key decision makers are, the relevance of the target company, and their current response to your products and services.

By outsourcing your telemarketing to us, you can concentrate on running your business, and we will deliver high quality leads and appointments.

We will handle the entire lead generation process so your sales team can focus purely on closing the deal.

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